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Mining Matters

Resources and critical minerals are top of mind in the 2023 geo-political landscape in Canada and beyond. The quest for the green energy transition extends globally and it's needed now. 

The Landscape

The value mining brings to the economy and daily life of Canadians and Americans is crucial. Our experienced geologists are skilled in modelling and geostatistical software.


Innovative solutions at all project stages, from exploration to closure. ( Strategy planning and execution - marketing + attracting funding.)
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Peter J. Cashin, P.Geo

With over 40 years in the mining sector, Peter has built and led multidisciplinary mineral exploration and mine development teams to effectively and efficiently advance projects in Canada, USA, Chile and Indonesia.

Recently, he led multiple teams to discovery and advanced development of the Strange Lake Rare Earth and Crater Lake Scandium-Rare Earth projects, Québec.

Peter was also the recipient of Québec’s Prospector of the Year award in 2010 for the Strange Lake Project success.

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"Success is the sum of efforts - repeated day in and day out!"



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